Here are two maps of  the main wetlands (mostly coastal) around the Kalloni Gulf , that I visit most usually :

NORTH Kalloni Gulf

kalloni gulf North 4

1. Vouvaris River           2. Messa          3. Kantri Marsh           4. Milopotamos River

5. Kalloni Salt Pans      6. Tsiknias River      7. Skala Kalloni Marsh      8. Enia Kamares

9. Metohi Lake             10. Kerami Reservoir       11. Potamia River        12. Parakila Marsh


SOUTH Kalloni Gulf

kalloni gulf south 5

13. Parakila Lagoon       14. Koukoumos          15. Apothika         16. Makara

17. Nifida Marsh           18. Polihnitos Salt Pans         19. Alikoudi Marsh

20. Farmakies  Marsh      21. Agia Veroniki Marsh


 Kalloni Salt Pans (no 8)

20141019_101456 gia blog

Kalloni Salt Pans view as seen from the NE.

The Kalloni Salt Pans is the site where I birdwatch the most… Here is a detailed map of the sub-areas I use in my posts and also several good places to search for birds and finally specific points to stand and check the interior of the pans and the south fields (red stars).

PLEASE do not visit the SE fileds beyond the canal/bridge as it is a crutial resting and breeding habitat for several bird species (e.g. Stone Curlew, Ruddy Shelduck etc).


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