29 May, NE coast of the Kalloni Gulf| 29 Μαΐου, ΒΑ παράλια Κ. Καλλονής

(for English, please, scroll down) Μπόρες στις 27 και 28 και σήμερα σχετικό κρύο (μέχρι 23 βαθμούς) και συννεφιά. Η αλλαγή του καιρού έκανε πολλά κοπάδια από Σταχτάρες (Apus apus), Μελισσοφάγους (Merops apiaster) και Σπιτοχελίδονα (Delichon urbicum) να περνάνε χαμηλά. Ακολουθούν οι πιο ενδιαφέρουσες παρατηρήσεις σε παράκτιες περιοχές στο Βόρειο τμήμα του Κόλπου Καλλονής: ΑΛΥΚΗ... Continue Reading →


15 May, several areas in Central Lesvos

Fair but windy weather these days. Swifts and hirundines (also Sand Martins) are making a notable passage but also Black-headed Buntings are seen in small flocks. The first day with only a few Ruffs and Wood Sandpipers around... not to mention the back to "normal" numbers of Red-backed Shrikes. KAVAKI (between Petra and Molivos) 2... Continue Reading →

10 and 11 May, around Sigri (Western Lesvos)

Medium to very strong wind on both days... Although birding seemed impossible, several nice bird were observed. Numerous Red-backed Shrikes (Lanius collurio) and, to a lesser extend, Black-headed Buntings (Emberiza melanocephala). Hirundines and Swifts making a passage, too: ERESSOS TO SIGRI track (fixed and drivable by now!): 4 Ruddy Shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) 1 Purple Heron (Ardea... Continue Reading →

2 and 3 May, various areas in Central Lesvos

ENIA KAMARES (Christou)- 2 May Demoiselle Crane (Grus virgo), lucky to see this bird on one more visitt... TRACK NEAR MANDAMADOS- 2 May 1 Cuckoo (Cucuclus canorus), female of brown morph 4 Alpine Swifts (Apus melba) 2 Golden Orioles (Oriolus oriolus) 1 Middle Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopus medius) 1 Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca), 1 Eastern Orphean... Continue Reading →

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