Now that we try to #stayhome ( due to the Greek government measures against the Corvid-19), every few days I go out for some sunshine and Spring. While at Haramida beach (and marsh!) I was thrilled to find two Short-toed Eagles for at least one hour as they were foraging in an open field next to the marsh. They transformed themselves into falling balls and were really fun to watch at such a short distance. Unfortunately, my camera battery went off after a while…

99X_4311 crop bala

Other “Spring” sightings include small flocks of Pied Wagtails (45+ in total)  heading north, 200+ Mediterannean Gulls far in the sea, and, on the way back to Mitilini, 6 House Martins on the move and hundreds (500+) of Cory’s Shearwaters flying in the stormy sea between Lesvos and Turkey.

Haramida March 2020