The first single Common Swift (Apus apus) was observed (by Lefteris Kakalis) over Mitilini two days ago (13/3). I was thrilled to hear and see a flock of 30+ birds flying low over the port of the town yesterday and later on at least 15 birds in small groups of 2-4 individuals, on my way to the south suburbs.

Here is a photo of two of the 16 birds flying over my house a few moments ago!

So far, in Greece, Common Swifts have been reported on e-bird over Attica (1 bird on 11/3 by Aris Vouros) together with Alpine Swifts (3 birds on 14/3 by Aris Vouros) and Crete (both species, on 13/3 by Facebook page “Crete birdwatching”).